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The Chakra Market - COVID-19 Free Shipping

Shopping Just Got A Little Cooler...

During Normal Business Circumstances:

This section is dedicated to my new and current clients that would like to make getting their favorite skincare a lot easier!  If time is of essence, check out these two options for affordable professional products by Skin Script Rx and Hale & Hush:

Option 1).  You can book a 15-min retail pickup appointment and Angela will gather your favorites and have them ready for you Mon-Fri between 10 am - 6:30 pm. CLICK HERE

Option 2).  If you would like to have your order delivered straight to your door within 2-3 days, select your item below and they'll be shipped right from the factory via USPS.

* Please note the products below are only sold by licensed professionals and are not available on grey market sites (Amazon, eBay, etc). No... really they aren't! The ingredients are not considered over-the-counter, so they are much stronger and should be sold in a responsible manner. You should always be working with a Licensed Esthetician or Professional. Angela wants the very best for you!

COVID-19 - Skin Script Rx Limited Time Only SPECIAL and the NEW 60-min Virtual Facial

Chakra Esthetics wants to keep your great results going while you’re under quarantine! The entire Skin Script Rx line is 20% off to help my clients maintain their great results and FREE shipping is available for all Skin Script Rx orders of $15 or more thru May 31st, 2020. 

60-min Virtual Facial for You or Group

Who knew this would become a thing?  Many are missing your regular facials and the fun we have in the treatment room. Here's how it works - I ship you the Virtual Facial Kit and we schedule your 60-min appointment between 10-6. If you are doing yours solo with me, we meet up on FaceTime. If you have a group of friends or family, we would meet on Zoom. WARNING: Groups are FUN!  Every session includes a positive reading of your animal totem and some extra goodies in your kit! (Groups are limited to 4)

Over-the-Counter  vs.  Professional Skincare

What's the Difference?

Over-the-Counter Products contain only 2% active ingredients with additives/fillers/perfumes to extend shelf life = high pH’s create compromised skin barrier and irritation, overpriced for what you get.



Professional Skincare Products contain 10% active ingredients = low pH’s for balanced healthy skin, with no fillers/additives/perfumes, no skin irritation and they are reasonably priced. The choice is yours!