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Here's a recent interview with Bryan Gallyot sharing more about Gemstone Masks at Chakra Esthetics Day Spa

Behind the Spa Door!

Meet Your New BFF!

An Introduction to Chakra Esthetics Day Spa

Angela Rafferty, LE, ASCP, MUA, CMT


A Discussion with Client Eric Nicoll 

The Importance of the LGBTQ Community 

Creating a Safe & Accepting Spa

Over-the-Counter vs. Professional Skincare

What's the difference?  It's really quite clear!

Over-the-Counter - only offers 2% active ingredients & high pH's = compromised skin

Professional Skincare - uses 10% active ingredients & low pH's = balanced healthy skin

"The Magic Wand Facial" Rezenerate Nano Technology

After seeing how amazing this new technology is you'll surely want to add this upgrade to your next facial appointment!

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